Membership Savings

Many times, we see customers drive off while the machine is still running, because you can’t get back what you’re not using. Well what if you could only pay for the time you actually used, to the second.

Good News! Everyone can get a VIP Membership Wash Pass!

Are you a Business Owner? Avoid all the paperwork involved when reimbursing your employees if they wash the company vehicle, just give them our VIP Wash Card for a hassle free cleaning.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for a VIP Wash Pass by giving us your Name and Phone Number:
    - Through our online form below
    - At our Location
    - Over the Phone by calling 250-558-1142 during our business hours.
  2. Purchase a Pre-paid Card to start paying for the time you use to the second. Receive Bonus Time when you purchase one of the following cards:
    $30.00 = 5% Bonus Time added
    $50.00 = 10% Bonus Time added
    $100.00 and up = 15% Bonus Time added

One of our staff will be in touch with you within 2 Business Days to complete the process. Please stop by our location at 2005 - 48th Avenue or call us at 250.558.1142